Pennsylvania’s Reasonable and Prudent Parent Standard

The Pennsylvania State Resource Family Association has been working on a training for several months as an implementation tool in preparation for the Prudent Parent Standard. Also we have been leading the way on normalcy for youth in care as much as any organization. We started with the Resource Family Care Act in 2005 and have helped with every piece since then to achieve the goal of resource parents providing normalcy to children in their care (All correlating statutes are in this training). In the spirit of the new law PSRFA knows as well as anybody the intent as this statute was our vision as a vehicle to have the “Prudent Parent Standard” applied in Pennsylvania. With the help of other professionals we have put together what we believe is an excellent tool for implementation. We are making this available for anyone that would like to use it. The transfer of learning and certificates can be the responsibilities of the agencies on how they handle that but the content is there for anyone to use. PSRFA has trained in several counties on other laws that we have worked on over the years and would be glad to give guidance for this training. Note: this training is not intended for legal advice.

PA Training on Prudent Parent Standard